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The worst feeling isn’t being lonely, but being forgotten by someone you can’t forget.
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It hurts like a motherfucker.

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I miss giving bjs and getting fucked:((



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Hey babe!! So, I had sex with my borfriend and we were cuddling and then iin the middle of the night he "attacked" me and we had sex again, but we didn't use candom. He didn't cum inside of me and I take pills, are there any chances or..? Thanks a lot!


There’s always a slight chance. Contraception is never 100% but I highly doubt that your pregnant if you take the pills. You take them for a reason.

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Reasons I grab my boobs

  • running upstairs
  • running downstairs
  • running
  • stoked on life
  • scared
  • walking through my house in the dark
  • bored
  • boobs

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Siempre voy a intentar sacarte una sonrisa, aunque yo esté peor que tú.

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